Become an Iconographer

The people of the Middle East remember St. George in many different ways, one is as a protector of their homes to keep evil away.  One way that people do this is by having a painting of St. George in their houses. This sort of religious picture is called an icon. They are often painted on wood.

Icons are very popular today. Look at the toolbar on a computer. Each little symbol means something—volume control, internet connection, media player, and so on. Each one of these symbols (also called icons) represents a greater object, such as a program or process, and gives the user a quick link to that object.

Religious icons are similar in that they are also symbols or representations of a greater “object,” but in this case, the “object” is a person – St George. Icons are like quick links in that they give us a kind of symbolic snapshot of holy people who are in heaven. More than that, religious icons are a form of prayer. When you look at an icon, it is meant to make you aware that you are in the presence of God. Icons, then, are not just art with a religious theme; rather, they are sacred art because they bring the viewer to the sacred.


Why not become an iconographer (a person who makes icons) yourself by printing off and colouring in the (downloadable) picture St George?  Even better, paint your own (if possible, onto a piece of wood).

In fact, you don’t colour or paint icons; it is said that you ‘write’ them, because in creating them you are writing the Saint’s life story.






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