First Aid Training Covid-19 Updated

Training Courses

The Scout Association has developed a new syllabus with Girlguiding. This will incorporate both theory sessions, delivered as either one 6 hour session or three 2 hour sessions and a short practical demonstration. Some changes have been made to the syllabus from the previous format including omitting minor injuries, extremes of temperature* and demonstration of the recovery position. (* Content around temperature extremes can be added with the agreement of the trainer where a Group / Section has a particular need such as Sea Scouts).

Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, delivery of learning cannot be undertaken through a face to face course. Whilst these restrictions persist, probably until we are at a Green Readiness State, it is possible in many cases to undertake 90% of the training through online channels. This separates the training into two elements and new Modules have been created that appear within Compass as follows:-

Module 10A – This covers all the theory training provided by the current on-line options.

Module 10B – This covers the practical assessment that must be undertaken as soon as possible.

Currently, we are unable to consider where and when these practical assessments will be taking place. The sessions should last around 15 / 20 minutes and we will publish details on the County Training Calendar. In addition, once we are again able to deliver “in-person” training, dates and venues will be published on the County Training Calendar for the full 6 hour / 3 x 2 hour course.

On Line Learning (Blended)

We are currently promoting online training provided by Hampshire Scouts. This is a blended activity comprising of two parts

Firstly, 2.5 hours of e-learning

Followed by a 2.5-3hr online facilitated session led by a first aid trainer. This must be booked through Hampshire Scouts direct 

The link for the e-learning and booking a trainer led course is

Once the course is completed, a certificate is produced, a copy of which you need to send to advise the County Training Team at  so that a record may be kept and entered on Compass.

Completion of the above two elements will satisfy the requirements for Module 10A and be sufficient to qualify for your Wood Badge. In order to complete your Mandatory Training (where required), the above must be supplemented by the practical assessment which will be published on the Somerset County Website once we are able to offer dates. This 15 / 20 minute assessment will then satisfy the requirements for completing Module 10B.

Volunteer Vaccinators

We are aware that some of our adult volunteers have also volunteered to assist with the England Vaccination Programme and registered with St John Ambulance. If you have done this and completed their first aid training session (covering CPR, recovery position and use of a defibrillator) you will have received a certificate like this one.

If you provide a copy of this certificate to the County Training Team at  this will cover all the requirements of the practical assessment (Module 10B). You will then just need to complete the online theory (see above) to complete all your First Aid training. If you have any questions regarding this, lease contact the County Training Team at

 When do we need a first aider?

You must ALWAYS have “suitable first aid materials”. (During the current Covid-19 Pandemic, there are additional materials you need which is covered in The Scout Association guidance.)

Your risk assessment must define if you need a first aider, except activities that are adventurous or a nights away which must have a first aider. In addition, your risk assessment must define the level of first aider you need.

Who / What is deemed ‘in-date’?

The Scout Association has given an extension until 6 months after we reach Green Readiness Level to those who have expired since 1st January 2020 and cannot renew because of the pandemic.  It does not matter what course you did but, if you did an external course through work or another organisation or voluntary role, the extension is ONLY to using it within Scouting, the certificates will expire according to the extension given by the issuing body.

If you had first aid training listed on your Compass record that expired before 31st December 2019 or have never undertaken any frst aid training that has been recorded within Scouting then you should complete the online training now and you will have the extension until 6 months after we return to green level to complete the practical session and assessment.

External Courses

We are aware that in the current times, some commercial First Aid providers are still offering training. If, through your work or other voluntary position you undertake one of these courses (or have done so in the last few months, please email a copy of the certificate to  We will assess the course and if required, ask you to do some top-up elements via an online course. This may just be the scouting procedures we need to follow or might cover additional knowledge such as hypothermia and hyperthermia, depending on the course content you did.

Latest Headquarters Information is available at

We appreciate that all is not simple and straightforward at present however, the above options are set out and in place to ensure that, where possible, we have the opportunity to refresh our first aid training in readiness for a time when face to face training and assessment can recommence.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls