Adult Recruitment

These resources will be useful for GSLs and sections leaders who are hoping to attract new adult volunteers to support the Scouting adventure for our young people.

The dream is to have plenty of volunteers sharing the load. To make this happen, you need to think about recruitment all the time, not just when someone leaves.

Recruiting volunteers

When you need to recruit new volunteers it can be helpful to think about the tasks that need completing rather than the role you want to fill – you might find two or three people carrying out the tasks flexibly works better than recruiting one ‘leader’.

Below is a link to some useful advice provided by The Scouts designed to make finding new volunteers less challenging. Using people’s skills and interests as a starting point means you get people who really enjoy the experience of volunteering. And only being asked to do a few tasks that fit within your skillset can make volunteering seem much less scary, especially to someone totally new to Scouting.

Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers

We all love being part of a team so this is also really important to remember: focus on teams rather than titles. And remember, once they’ve joined make sure you keep them happy and show them the best that Scouting has to offer.

The Volunteer Journey

Adult Support starts from that initial chat between a potential volunteer and a member of Scouting. Managers and Leaders start them off on their volunteer’s journey.

All potential volunteers will go through the appointment process to ensure our young people are protected and to ensure the volunteer is welcomed and is comfortable about what they will do. Appointments Secretaries are the key to this process and there is one in each district



From day one, Adult Training offers support and courses to develop all our volunteers to be effective and enjoy their time in Scouting.

Our Adults are valued in many ways from a smile and a thank-you to formal Awards.

Watch the Volunteer Journey Video by clicking here 

Finally – three things

  • Many of the resources refer to “parents” but are equally valid for carers, older siblings and other family members.
  • Some of these resources have not yet been migrated to “new brand”. As soon as updated materials are available, these will be included.
  • Always remember to say thank you, even if the answer received is a “no”. People have been known to change their minds!
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls