What training do I need to do?

The training scheme that you will need to complete will depend on your role. 

All adults accepting an appointment are required to show that they have the appropriate skills for the role. Looking simplistically at the requirements, if your role is;

  • A Section Leader or Assistant Section  Leader – this will require completion of all modules leading up to the award of a Wood Badge. The initial “Getting Started” training must be completed within 5 months of your appointment. Getting Started includes Module 1 (Essential Information), Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR and Module 3 (Tools for the Role)
  • A Sectional or Group Assistant  – this would require Module 1 (Essential Information), Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR and Module 3 (Tools for the Role).
  • A Manager or Supporter (including Group Scout Leaders, Assistant Group Scout Leaders, Active Support Managers, District Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners, District Explorer Scout Leaders and others) – again, this requires completion of a Wood Badge however, some the component modules are different from that required by a Section Leader or Assistant Section Leader.
  • A member of an Executive Committee  – this will require Module 1 (Essential Information), Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR and Trustee Introduction.
  • An Active Support Unit Member or Skills Instructor – this will require Module 1 (Essential Information), Safety, Safeguarding and GDPR

Your line manager, Training Advisor or Local Training Manager will be able to advise specifically what training you need to complete for your role. Full details appear in the relevant Adult Personal File (see below).

Information to help you with your Specific Training Requirements

Here are some links to key information. Find out the details of what training is required for your role, there is an Adult Personal File which will be applicable for you.

Here too is a summary of your training requirements (Module Matrix), details of the County Training Team and a link to take you to another page which covers how this learning is validated.

Validation is a key part of your training and captures how you put your learning and / or existing knowledge into use within your Scouting role. Validation, in some format is required to complete your training for each Module – see below for methods and ways to validate your learning.

Accessing Online and Workbook Courses

The Scout Association recognise the need for accessibility and so where, for accessibility reasons, members cannot complete this training independently, a Training Adviser, Local Training Manager or County Training Manager could meet with them to go through the online learning with them, providing one-to-one support or, exceptionally, using a workbook. It is suggested that the workbook should be the last resort used by Training Advisers and Managers. To help and support members use the eLearning Headquarters have put together a guide which provides a number of hints and tips on how to make use of accessibility features, built into many devices.

Getting Started

These are the modules that you need to complete within 5 months of your appointment. The information at the top of this page will tell you which ones are required for your role.

Appointments requiring a Wood-Badge 

The learning for some modules is available through on-line training or a downloaded workbook as well as through trainer led course. Access to these materials is through the links below. Other modules currently require a trainer led experience.

Manager & Supporter Training

Managers and Supporters training scheme comprises of three separate elements, Getting Started, Modules for All and Core Skills. For details of how this applies to your specific role together with details of all training requirements, validation and links to materials, please click the icon below.

Training Courses

Some modules are also available as delivered courses usually held in Scout premises across the County. Some modules are only available through this method. These courses vary in length and may be held on a weekday evening or as part of a weekend. The calendar below gives access to all that are currently available and details of how to book.


Post Course / Learning Information

To help with planning your validation or to act as a point of reference, we have created a series of “libraries”, one for each Module. In these, you will find useful documents and links to material of the Scouts.org.uk website.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Some training is mandatory depending on your role. the information at the top of the page will tell you which ones you need to complete. Some, such as First Aid, Safety and Safeguarding must be refreshed every three years to make sure that you remain “up to date”.


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