What training do I need to do?

The training scheme that you will need to complete will depend on your role. 

All adults accepting an appointment are required to show that they have the appropriate skills for the role. Looking simplistically at the requirements, if your role is;

  • An Administration role – this would normally require Module 1 (Essential Information) or Module 1E (Essential Information for Executive Committee Members).
  • A Sectional or Group Assistant role – this would normally require Module 1 and Module 3 (Tools for the Role).
  • A Section Leader or Assistant Section  Leader – this will require completion of all modules leading up to the award of a Wood Badge.
  • A Manager or Supporter – again, this requires completion of a Wood Badge however, some the component modules are different from that required by a Section Leader or Assistant Section Leader.

Your line manager, Training Advisor or Local Training Manager will be able to advise specifically what training you need to complete for your role. Full details appear in the relevant Adult Personal File.

Information to help you with your Specific Training Requirements

Training Courses

Accessing Online and Workbook Courses

Getting Started

For all Wood-Badge appointments

For Managers and Supporters

Mandatory Ongoing Learning


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