Welcome to the Transformation pages. Here is the information, guides and links which cover all aspects of this significant programme of change which impacts across all of Scouts in the United Kingdom.

You may be looking at these pages for the first time or, be a regular visitor or, somewhere in between but hopefully, there will be bits of information, interest, and insight.


If you are new to Scouts or maybe have not seen, heard, or read much about Transformation, a good place to start is to look at the background to this major change to Scouting in the UK. Just click on the link below.

Before we move on, a short video from Carl Hankinson, Chief Volunteer, UK Scouts – click the play button at the bottom left of this image.

Now, with the Background covered, it’s time to look at the specific areas of Transformation but before that, it is important to recognise that Transformation is not just about tangible or material changes; it is also about how we all approach Scouting. This is captured in our Volunteering Culture which sets out three clear aims to help everyone have a positive, safe, and rewarding experience by being part of Scouts, these are.

  • What Scouts will provide.
  • What the individual will undertake or do.
  • What Scouts and the individual will achieve together.

To learn more about our Volunteering Culture, click on the links to information and a video below.



You will be aware that the changes to the Volunteer Journey, a key part of Transformation, looks at four elements namely

  • A Warmer Welcome
  • Simplifying Volunteering
  • More Engaging Learning
  • Digital Support to Get Things Done

To learn more about each of these and to find out the latest information, please click on the individual links below.




We cannot grow to meet our ambitions for young people, from section level to the whole of the UK, without making some fundamental changes.



In April 2023, Policy, Organisation & Rules (POR) contained details of the transition of Executive Committees to Trustee Boards. This was an automatic change and did not require any resolution or approval by the individual Boards.

Scouts has taken the opportunity with the current change environment to catch up and align with the relevant regulatory requirements governed by, amongst others, The Charities Commission.

This is more than just a change of name. The Trustee Board will be focused on making sure the charity is well managed, risks are assessed and mitigated, buildings and equipment are in good working order, and everyone follows legal requirements and Policy, Organisation and Rules. Trustee Boards will no longer have responsibility for the operational matters previously undertaken in Executive Committees such as premises or equipment maintenance, social or fund-raising functions or media and outreach.

Group, District and County Chairs have been advised the details of these changes and what needs to be done before and at the 2024 Annual General Meeting . Below are a couple of documents that explain the changes and responsibilities in much more detail.


The clean up of current Compass data has been operational for several month now and appears to be drawing to a close. As with any such change activity, there is always a “tail” and currently this is being managed to get the task completed.

This work is vital to ensure that migrated data is as tidy and correct as possible so, if you are contacted, please do support the clean up.

Whilst migration to the new Membership System is still a few months away, having undertaken that extensive piece of work, it is vital that we all must ensure that we keep those records in Compass as clean as possible. Therefore, this responsibility falls on us all to

  • Keep our personal records up to date.
  • Complete all data sections for new volunteers including Emergency Contacts
  • Adding the correct Role Variant to any new appointment.
  • Ensure that new or changed appointments are correctly recorded avoiding Group Section Assistants or Multi Section Appointments as these will not easily “map” to new roles in the Membership System next year.


Change can bring uncertainty, discussion, debate, and some resentment, which is inevitable of many changes in which we are engaged. There will also be work to undertake, sometimes against some stretching deadlines so it may not all be “plain sailing.” Change does, however, also bring reward, refreshed interest, improvements and reflect the current expectations and environment.

If you want to know a bit more about change, click on the link below for more information from Scouts.



In early January 2024, whilst undergoing testing of the new digital tools that form the core of our new Membership System, it became apparent that there were some issues about accurately transferring the large amount of data from Compass to our new digital system. The digital tools themselves, however, are built, and feedback so far has been very positive.

Currently, staff, volunteers and the system suppliers are working hard to resolve the challenges, so that testing can be resumed, and it is possible to get an idea about the go-live timings for later in 2024.

Whilst we wait for the digital systems to be ready, other strands of the activities to prepare for the changes being introduced can proceed. This re-focus over the coming months makes good use of the time we have available. This is not the time to “switch off” s there is plenty to both plan and do over the coming months.

As soon as we have an idea about the revised “go-live”, this will be circulated and, in the meantime, our Compass system will remain active so it remains important that personal records are kept up to date at all times.



Where fundamental changes are planned, I have provided Transformation Guides to appropriate volunteer roles in the County. So far, these have been.

  • Compass Clean Up – GSL’s, DESC’s and DC’s – February 2023
  • Changing the way we volunteer, introduction of Teams – GSL’s, Chair’s and DC’s – March 2023
  • Training & Learning – Training Managers and Training Advisers – March 2023
  • Moving to Trustee Boards – GSL’s and Chairs – April 2023
  • Training & Learning – Training Managers and Training Advisers – June 2023
  • Changes to Getting Started, Transition Timetable – GSL’s and Appointments Teams– June 2023
  • Training & Learning – Section Wood Badge – October 2023
  • Training & Learning – Training Managers & Training Advisers – October 2023
  • Starting the Volunteer Journey – GSL’s & Appointments Teams – November 2023
  • Planning Teams (Group & Unit) – GSL’s, DESC’s and DC’s – November 2023
  • Towards Transformation for Trustee Boards – GSL’s, Chairs and DC’s / CC – January 2024
  • Transition from Training to Learning – LTM’s, TA’s, GSL’s, DESC’s and DC/CC – February 2024


These documents are available to download by selecting below. Please note, they are “point in time” documents and some elements may have changed since publication.

In addition, there have been four General Updates circulated to all members, copies are available below.


Looking ahead over the next couple of months we will see

  • Finalise, Progress or Start the process which will see all volunteers move into updated Teams. For some, this could be a big change and for many others, it is likely to be very close to what they currently do.
  • Within the Scout County and the Districts, this work is already underway with individuals being contacted to identify options and consider where the individual will support Scouting after Transformation. In these areas, we will see a significant number of changes as many of the current roles are being withdrawn including Deputy Commissioners, Scout Active Support Units, Appointments Teams, Instructors , Advisers and Supporters.
  • Within Groups, the changes are much less and for most, the change, for most members, will be centred around the role title and how they work within their Sections. In some circumstances, there will be changes to the learning required for those in Section / Group Teams. Finally, this work will include the migration of any operational tasks, previously managed by an Executive Committee.
  • Trustee Board changes will need to be considered and implemented ahead of the 2024 Annual General Meeting.
  • More information about the introduction of Growing Roots to replace Getting Started.
  • The possibility of bringing forward some of the expected changes independent of the delivery of the new Digital Tools.

As the Transformation programme progresses, there will be further updates via the web page here as well as, short updates, detailed guide notes, meetings and presentations in your Districts so do watch out for those.

Please, if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions, please do get in touch by mailing the following address

I look forward to your continued support in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you.

Alan Henderson
Transformation Lead
UPDATED  March 2024


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls