In 2018, the next vision for Scouting was launched, a 5-year plan which looked to prepare more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme. Vision 2023 looked to grow Scouting, making it more inclusive, shaped by young people and having a bigger impact on our communities. Skills for Life was born.

Whilst a considerable amount of early work was undertaken with focus groups, questionnaires and discussions across all parts of the movement, the Covid-19 Pandemic put the brakes on much of the subsequent phases with other priorities and a significant reduction in volunteering capacity. Over the last 12 months, many of the workstreams have been reactivated and there are numerous groups of volunteers and employed HQ staff undertaking much detailed activity built upon that early consultation and feedback. As a consequence, the Vision has been rebranded as Vision 2025.

This, however, will be a significant task for us, as a movement, to achieve. Most elements of Scouting in the UK will be impacted (individuals, Sections, Groups, Units, Districts and Counties) some to a greater extent than others looking at areas such as; recruitment, volunteer journey and support, support systems and management, structures within Scouting and adult training.

Changes will not happen “overnight”, indeed, we are a little way off seeing these changes but they will be happening from later this year (2022) through to 2025 using a principal of “test and learn”. This means that not everything will change at once and, the changes will be dynamic utilising feedback whilst operational to make any necessary or appropriate adjustments.


One of the primary pillars of Transformation is to increase the use of Digital Tools so that, for many elements it is “Digital First”. Our digital strategy supports our members, grows our movement, and puts our people at the heart of what we do.

Becoming a digital first organisation allows us to transform the Scouts experience. It helps us produce tools and services for our volunteers, staff and young people which are easy, enjoyable, engaging and efficient. Being digital first isn’t about being digital only, and it’s not about being digital for the sake of it.

To help our volunteers learn about, understand and use Digital Tools, the Scouts Website has a dedicated area which provides useful information – see below for link.


A key element of Transformation will be the introduction of a new Membership  System. This will be accessible to all adult volunteers through a single sign on from within the Web pages. The new system will incorporate three areas covering

  • New member joining
  • Membership Records
  • Learning

The system will be launched in 2023, read about the latest on the system by clicking the link below


This is an area within website which showcases the current thoughts and ideas being worked on across a number of elements. In addition to an updated overview, there are sections covering; Making Scouts more Inclusive, More Support for Adult Volunteers, A Warmer Welcome to our volunteers, Changes to how we Learn. Each includes some short video presentations, informative text and, an opportunity to provide feedback to HQ.

Please remember however, this is a “testing hub”, it is not the definitive model or what will be happening. The idea is to get feedback from a wide population as well as drip slowly the ideas around change in line with the Vision 2025. Access the Testing Hub, click below.



To plan, cascade, support and deliver these changes, each County will have a Transformation Lead. Their task is to work directly with District and County teams to make this wholesale change as easy and painless as possible.


Changes will bring uncertainty, discussion, debate and possibly some resentment, that is inevitable of many changes that we are engaged in. There will also be work to undertake, sometimes against some stretching deadlines so it may not all be “plain sailing”. Change does however, also bring reward, refreshed interest, improvements and reflect the current expectations and environment.


The recent “All Members Call “(7th June) introduced  Transformation made reference to the recent Basecamp where much of the thoughts and plans around the exciting changes was unpacked.  We are currently in the “Understand Phase” of the work  however, as we move into the “Planning Phase” from Summer to the end of the year, we will see more communications and the start of the required actions.  I shall be arranging with each District opportunities to present “the story so far” and provide updates and next step plans so do watch out / listen out for these.

The cascade, absorption and understanding of those communications is vital to assist the change journey that we are all about to embark upon. This page in the Website will be regularly updated with information, articles, links etc so that everyone, across the County can be part of the transformation to Scouts in Somerset.

In the meantime, do take a look at the items on the Testing Hub and please, feel free to send your feedback to Headquarters using the tools provided. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please do get in touch by mailing the following address

I look forward to your support in the weeks and months ahead.


Alan Henderson
Transformation Lead
UPDATED 16th June 2022



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls