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As a Training Adviser, your roles and responsibilities are set out in the Role Description

You should look to validate learning as soon as your learner is ready. This may be after attending a course, completing a workbook or e-learning.

If the learner has the knowledge and skills required for a specific module, you only need to validate that knowledge in a Scouting environment. Remember- Learning is Optional, Validation is Essential

Once validated, please update the Somerset County Database as soon as practical. If you have any problems or queries with this, please contact your LTM.

The LTM will get an automatic feed from the Database and use this to update Compass and recommend a Woodbadge to the County Training Manager.

Please remember, a Woodbadge can only be recommended once all required training has been completed and validated PLUS, the learner has a current First Aid Certificate and current Safeguarding, Safety Learning and completed the GDPR learning.

Understanding Modules

Adult Training Guides

Training courses

Support Materials

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