Mindfulness Colouring



Order yourself some adult colouring books and nice pencils / pens… in the meantime you could print out the Scout one we have supplied!

Get out your best colouring pencils and give them a sharpen… or be like Liz (the County Commissioner!) and line up your Sharpies ?



Remove all distractions.

Get colouring –remember to stay in the lines! –it’s not a race it’s meant to take time.  Relax, unwind and explore your inner subconscious by colouring yourself calm.



Think about keeping a journal of things you reflected upon whilst colouring.  Reflect on how you are feeling before and after colouring.



All day long we use some form of technology especially during these times. Whether you are stuck at a desk looking at a computer screen or scrolling through Facebook getting updates on your friends, it is very rare that we unplug and enjoy the world around us.

Mindfulness involves focusing on our thoughts and feelings and being completely aware of them with any judgement. Colouring is great for mindfulness as it reduces stress and tension as it allows the mind to get some rest after a long day.  It is also an excellent way for adults to get a better night’s sleep as it is a relaxing and electronic-free bedtime ritual.

Whether you’re a big fan of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, cities, flowers, animals, or mandalas, we can guarantee there is a colouring book (on Amazon) for you.



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls