WhatsApp Teamwork Challenge

Submitted by Cheddar Cubs.


After our WhatsApp meeting, we had a few minutes left, so I posted this team challenge.

There were only 5 left at this point so it wasn’t too difficult.

Here is the transcript:

(names have been changed for safeguarding)


20:07 Akela

As a team, work out who is online and then organise posting your first names in alphabetical order.

Each name must be posted by the owner.

Any mistakes, start again.

You can chat as much as you like between attempts.

when you are ready, someone must post the word START

then everyone posts their name in order

then someone posts the word END


20:08 Charles: So this is Charles!

20:09 Luke: I am Luke and I can see Beatrice and Gareth too

20:10 Ollie: Ollie last in alphabet

20:10 Luke: Is Ollie still here?

20:10 Ollie: Yeah

20:10 Gareth: Beatrice this is Gareth you’ll need to go first…

20:11 Charles: Then me Charles

20:11 Luke: So Beatrice Charles Gareth Luke then Ollie?

20:11 Beatrice: Hi guys this is Beatrice !

20:11 Gareth: Then Gareth Luke and Ollie. So Beatrice needs to say start and Ollie finish

20:12 Luke: Right you will have to write start and Ollie write end

20:12 Luke: Ok let’s go

20:12 Beatrice: Start Beatrice

20:12 Charles: Charles

20:12 Gareth: Gareth

20:12 Luke: Luke

20:12 Ollie: Ollie

20:12 Ollie: END

20:13 Akela: Brilliant – well done


If anyone tries this with larger groups, please let us have the transcript – we’d be interested to see how it works with 20+ Cubs!


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls