Cub Section – Disability Awareness Badge

This week, we are completing some requirement of the Disability Awareness Badge.  We will be thinking particularly about physical disabilities.

Here are the full badge requirements –


  • You will need to be able to share your screen with the Cubs during your virtual video meeting, so that they can see the PowerPoint slides (which can be downloaded from this website)
  • The Cubs will each need coloured pens / pencils and paper.

How to participate

You can use the PowerPoint presentation slides to assist you during these activities, especially for the scavenger hunt.

Ask the Cubs to draw a picture of their favourite animal, person or place.  Ask them to hold them up so you can see and share them. Chat about what everyone has drawn.

Next… on a new piece of paper, each Cub draws the same picture, without using their hands!

Usually, we could choose to use our mouth or our feet for this, but to prevent the spread of germs at the moment, I suggest feet are safer.

Now ask everyone to compare their hand drawing with their foot drawing.  Does anyone want to share / show their drawings?

Talk about how it was more difficult to use feet to draw a picture, because we are all used to doing that with our hands.  Discuss what else we do with our hands in daily life. What would be difficult to achieve if our hands didn’t work well?


The second activity is a scavenger hunt. The cubs should work out the anagrams on the list and then find the correct objects around their own home.

These are all objects that we use with our hands.

You could end the meeting by thinking about alternative ways to use these items – if we couldn’t use our hands.



Age Range:                     Cubs

Time to Complete:         45 mins

Badge Requirements:   Disability Awareness Badge



The Powerpoint of the meeting:


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls