Document your risk assessments for your usual activities

Date: 2nd Feb 2021 Author: Alan Henderson

This is just a reminder that last year, the Scout Association changed the risk assessment guidance, to make it a requirement that all members  document a risk assessments for their usual activities. The date for this to be introduced was January 2021 so, in line with that change, you should now be looking at your programme; online – virtual or face to face and ensuring that the activities are appropriately assessed and documented.

It is not necessary to submit any risk assessments for general activities to your ADC or DC but there still remains the requirement to advise about Activities Away / Nights Away. It is important however that your activity risk assessment is shared across your leadership team (including any Explorer Scout Young Leaders), in advance of the activity taking place.

Headquarters have published some additional guidelines and examples which can be found by clicking this LINK

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