Explorer Scout Moot 2022

Between: 16th September 2022 - 18th September 2022 Location: Huish Woods Scout Campsite, West Hatch, Taunton


Inviting all Explorers Scouts across Somerset to be part of the 2022 Somerset County Explorer Moot running at Huish Woods Camp Site from Friday 16th Sept – Sunday 18th Sept 2022. The event is designed for Explorers of all ages to participate.

Units will need to provide catering and sleeping arrangements throughout the weekend and will be allocated a campsite prior to arrival.

Saturday is all about training, practicing activities located around the woods. The instructions and materials will be supplied and have been designed for all ages and skill sets. From Physical, Skill, Mental and a bit of Mystery, Explorers will be earning [points / lives] throughout the weekend which will be recorded individually.

On Saturday evening, the contestants prepare to enter the arena and the games begin.

The game will continue through to 2am (weather depending)  Sunday morning. Designated leaders will be tracking the Explorers down through the game to tag them out. If caught, Explorers will return to the capital, before heading off to bed on their own group campsite.

Sunday will bring presentation and awards – Before departing from 12:30pm.


The cost will be £24.00 for each Explorer taking part, (units may add extra to cover their costs)

Closing date for entries for the Camp is 28th of August 2022


Please can all bookings be made as soon as possible – more information will be sent out in due course.

Bookings will be made using OSM, your ESU Leader will receive a shared event link for you to sign up through.

If you do not wish to book as part of a Unit, please contact us and we can allocate you a space and arrange catering with one of the ESU’s attending

We look forward to seeing you all at the  Camp, for further help or if any clarification is required, please contact 

Phil Changeur     phil@moorsandcoastalscouts.org.uk

Tricia Sedgbeer  dccprogramme@somersetscouts.org.uk


Huish Woods Scout Campsite, West Hatch, Taunton

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