Covid-19 Information

The following is extracted from our County Commissioners message (January 2021)

However, due to Tier 4 restrictions across Somerset, and now a 3rd national lockdown, face to face Scouting is once again suspended.  We are in the RED state of alert and all programme must once again be delivered virtually / completed at home until further notice.

There is a considerable amount of information published by Headquarters on the website. In case you cannot find that information, the following are key extracts to help you plan and prepare for a Safe Return to Scouting. Remember, it is possible for some Sections in a Group to return ahead of others and there may be a number of practical reasons why this may occur. Here are some documents which provide information and guidance around the planning stage of your journey.

Once you have read and planned your Safe Return to Scouting your next step is to complete the Restart Checklist.

When completed, the next stage is to complete your Risk Assessment. This should be completed by the Section Leadership Team and then approved by the GSL or DESC. The approval request also needs to be checked by the Group Executive (or in the case of Explorer Scout Units the District Executive).

You will need to complete and submit the appropriate request according to Readiness Level.

The final stage is submission for approval. Details of how this is undertaken is given here. You should upload all Risk Assessment documents i.e. if one has been completed for each Section. Consider also uploading your Restart Checklist as this will give the Approver additional information that you may not have covered and save time in coming back to you with questions. Once you have received approval, planning your first Section night back may throw up some new considerations. See the link below to identify what might be required and how to address issues.



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