Somersets Big Camp for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and all Leaders

 Big Camp 2018

Big Camp 2018 is Somerset County’s all section camp taking place over the August bank holiday weekend 24th – 27th 2018

We are one year away from Somerset BIG CAMP 2018, which is an all section camp taking place at the Royal Bath and West Showground over the August bank holiday weekend in 2018. The name of the event is BIG CAMP 2018 with the theme being Mythical Creatures. The name and theme was the result of extensive youth consultation from the Youth Commissioners over the Summer term.

Other key information is being published to enable groups and sections to plan their attendance at BIG CAMP 2018 and promote the event to their members. Why not book BIG CAMP 2018 in your diaries now!

Newsletters –

BIG CAMP 2018 – Mythical Creatures 

Are you wondering where to go on your 2018 travels? Ditch the predictable and try something a little more mysterious or possible time travel!

BIG (Beasts, Illusions, Galaxies) CAMP (Creatures, Aliens, Monsters, People) 2018. Have you considered flying the dragon trail? Welsh blacks and Chinese do they exist? Will you walk with the centaur, unicorn and yeti? Can you face the cyber men or touch the skin of Lady Cassandra? For one very special weekend in August 2018 help is at hand! You can explore the world of the Phoenix, fly with Pegasus, escape from a Werewolf or wish with a leprechaun, you can swim with a kelpie, scream with a banshee and charge like the Minotaur! You can travel time and space and discover new worlds. Muggle, magical, time lord or adventurer, can you accept the challenge to discover what creatures might be there, how to track them down and have loads of fun on your quest, are you ready?

Thank you for your badge entries!

We have received lots of great badge design entries for BIG CAMP 2018 which have been judged by Explorers at Moot!

After receiving over 50 entries for the badge competition we have begun the task of judging designs. The badge designs were judged by the Explorer Scouts who took part in the County Moot. The Young Peoples input has helped narrow down the different entries and we hope to soon have a shortlist of the final designs chosen which will be judged by the BIG CAMP team

Meet the Youth Camp Chief – Abi Dare

Somerset are the first County to appoint a youth camp chief for their County Camp, we introduce Abi

Hi, I’m Abi and I’m the Youth Camp Chief for BIG CAMP 2018. I have been involved in Scouting for over nine years now and I am excited to take on the new role. This role involves me promoting BIG CAMP as much as possible before the event, as well as meeting young people during the event to discuss Scouting and Youth Shaping.

I want to meet as many young people as possible before and during the event to gain their fresh perspective on what they believe ‘Youth Shaping’ is about and to find out some ideas on what they want their BIG CAMP experience to be like. The aim is to try and make the camp as Youth Shaped as possible, with lots of input from the young people. I think my biggest challenge will be trying to meet everyone, but I am aiming to meet as many people during this experience and find out more as I progress.

I applied for this role through my love of Scouting. I wanted to be able to take a bigger responsibility for involving young people in the camp. I have worked with different sections at some point in my Scouting career and I wanted to make sure that each section has something that is appropriate to their age there.

The aim of the BIG CAMP 2018 is to make it: fun, with all the exciting activities planned, environmental, implementing recycling into the running of it; memorable, having people talk about it for years to come; and finally Youth Shaped, getting the young people involved throughout the whole experience.

BIG CAMP 2018 Banner!

How far can you take the BIG CAMP banner to help promote the camp?

To help promote the camp we have launched a competition where we challenge your group to take the BIG CAMP Banner around the county or even further afield! Are you going somewhere special or far away, could you take the banner with you for a promotional photo? Then get in touch and lets see how far we can take it.

Can you beat this picture taken outside Baden Powell house in London? Want to take the banner somewhere? Then get in touch camp2018@somersetscouts.org.uk


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